A number of years later

Yesterday I spent over an hour cutting the illustrations from a 2006 Leunig calendar and sticking them on the back of some bookshelves beside my computer table. Some might consider this a waste of time considering all the other things I don’t have time for. But actually the activity had multiple purposes:

1. When I now glance to the left, I am induced to smile.
2. The blank back of the bookshelves was wasted space.
3. The calendar was in a pile of things which required a decision from me—keep forever, or throw out. Michael Leunig is one of my heroes, so I resist throwing any of his work out.
4. The activity, in my opinion, was ‘play’—one of the essentials for a happy and creative life.
5. It is the sort of thing I always ‘intend’ to do when I have some spare time—something always in short supply.
6. And THAT is what I’ll do differently this year … spend more time on trivial things which infuse life with small joys (I’ve even made myself a Joy book in which to record these small joys).
7. For attaching the images, I used some Ultra Bond strips (purported to be removable) … the sort of thing you can never find when you’re deliberately looking for it. There was exactly enough for the project.)
I especially like one of the quotes in the calendar: “Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life, and to get started we’ll make a list of all the silly things you did yesterday.”
It is over 3 years since I last added a post to this blog. It has been a challenging time and I hardly know where to begin to tell you about it. I think I’ll leave that for another post. Meanwhile, here I still am … a small miracle really. The average survival for people with a brain tumour is about 15 months. In November 2017, I reached 6 years! So I’ve done very well. I’m ‘unusual’ my oncologist says.
More later … when I can figure out how to add photos. The WordPress interface has changed since I was last here. Curses! Change for change’s sake is often not a good thing!