Stepping outside the circle

I mentioned a few posts ago a workshop series in which I’m currently involved, called Stepping Outside the Circle, presented by Amanda Moffatt of Bowerbird Creative Programs. Amanda works within the remarkable Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurshop group. My husband and I did a business course with Edgeware at the beginning of 2012. It ranks among the best courses I’ve ever attended. If I’d actually applied the principles afterwards, I’m sure I’d now be wildly successful. But then, as now, I was very unclear what direction I wanted to take.

When Amanda invited us to attend her workshop series, we readily accepted.

One of the exercises in the first session is very relevant within my self-searching journey. It involved a visualisation where we were encouraged to go within and see our reflection. As so often happens when I try this sort of exercise, I saw only changing patterns … no sign of a ‘reflective me’. To the question “What qualities does this reflection resemble or embody?” I had no answer.  

When I told the group I could not see my qualities, they said, “We can.”

I realised immediately the lesson taught by the Cello Story and the Healing Doll was being reinforced. No doubt I’m not unique in not recognising in myself the qualities that make me ‘special’ to others. And maybe the way to appreciate these qualities is to look for my reflection in those around me.

Better start looking sideways.



2 thoughts on “Stepping outside the circle

  1. Thanks Eva, and I see you in a similar way.

    There’ve been many insights, but not much in the way of ‘out-happenings’. You’ve done much more with your talents. I’m trusting that if I just keep writing about the everyday things an ‘aha’ moment will arrive and I’ll see the way ahead.

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