Maybe finding your true self IS the life purpose?


For some time I’ve had the suspicion that, once you find your ‘true self’ (whatever that may be) it’s probably time to leave this world. Perhaps that thought has been holding me back. After all, I don’t want to leave this world just yet … because there are still lots of things I want to do, and there’s that life purpose. Now we’re in a circular argument. So for the moment, I’ll assume that life purpose involves doing something you love and are especially good at.

I mentioned earlier that I’ve long been bothered by the feeling that there’s something missing in my life. Something special that I’m supposed to do. As a result of feedback from friends, and several comments on this blog, along with some recent events in my life, I’ve been slowly coming to the realisation that what we think is ‘missing’ is something we already have.

Three things in particular have led me to this realisation.

  • The reading of a book called Leap before you Look by Arjuna Ardagh
  • The arrival of a wonderful Healing Doll from dollmaker extraordinaire, Barb Kobe
  • An exercise in the first session of a workshop series, Stepping Outside the Circle, presented by Amanda Moffatt of Bowerbird Creative Programs.

I’ll be talking about each of these in more detail in the next week or so.


One thought on “Maybe finding your true self IS the life purpose?

  1. I believe finding one’s life purpose is probably a quest that most of us wonder about. Usually the people who are helping others feel they have found it. I am not sure if happiness is part of it. Looking back over life my actions or creations may have served the purpose of helping many people and I never was aware of it. As you said we may only know what our life purpose was at the end of our life or possibly after it.

    Very thought provoking posts. I am looking forward to the next ones.

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