Things you can do with beach stones : creative play

For a while I was in danger of becoming a mere beach stone collector. I had to remind myself that the higher purpose was to use the stones as a catalyst for artwork of some kind. Half-formed ideas whizzed around in my brain, but no clear direction emerged. There was nothing for it but to start.

First some simple wrapping:


This was more difficult than I expected. Despite the rough stone surface, the cord was inclined to slip, so I tried gluing it to the rock. Image

This was successful, up to a point, but I had no confidence in how long it would hold. I’d need to do a number of prototypes.

Other experiments followed, combining collage and wrapping.


By this time my mind was wandering … how would I display the finished stones? Mounted in a frame perhaps; placed on another stone (this raised the problem of finding suitable stones with the right sized ‘resting place’). I wished I had a husband who made beautiful boxes out of driftwood. Or that I were one of those splendid women who are skilled with boy tools.

A break was called for, to allow the Universe to provide.


One thought on “Things you can do with beach stones : creative play

  1. I love your rock assemblages! Could the first one just be hung as is and the others simply resting as they are as sculptures? As you said, the Universe will provide the answer.

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