Beach stones

I fell in love with the stones.

Some people looked at me strangely when I mentioned that, but others were intrigued. I’d never seen stones like these before. Well, let’s say I’d never noticed them before.


Look at the colours, and the crazing. If I were a potter, I’d try to replicate the effect. But I’m not, so I had to think of something else. 

I drew on some of them:

ImageThen, to my delight, I found a leaf that repeated so many of the colours:


This was becoming exciting. I searched the web and found other stone-lovers, some doing amazingly beautiful things with stones. Inspired, I began some experiments …

To be continued. 



4 thoughts on “Beach stones

  1. I love your stones and also your embellished ones. I am a stone lover too. I have collected them on all of my trips. Some of my favorite ones came from Costa Rica.

    • I’m not surprised you’re a stone lover Eva. I’ve actually reserved the URL, but haven’t done anything with it yet. It would be a useful gathering place of stone lovers.

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