Moving on: two years later

It’s more than 2 years, actually. On 11 November it will be 3 years!

With some difficulty, we found a place to rent. Good places were much in demand, and people with steady incomes were obviously given preference … or those prepared to accept sub-standard conditions at too high a price!

We’ve grown quite fond of the house—a 1950s ‘beach house’ typical of this area. (I found the angel in a local thrift store … her name is Daphne.

house with angel 2010At first we were not at all keen on the colour, and considered asking the owner if we could remove the yellow oars. However, after a while, we decided it was sort of funky, and friends discouraged us from getting rid of the oars.  It’s certainly easy for visitors to find.

Inside it’s what I would call ‘quaint’. Freshly painted, polished timber floors, lots of nooks and crannies. We miss our verandah in Brisbane, with its rainforest garden, but there is an outside covered area which is nice enough. Two storage sheds too—not big enough, alas, to contain all our stuff. Every semi-hidden corner of the house has towers of boxes,  unopened since our move. How we ever fitted all this stuff into our previous house I can’t imagine.

The best thing about the house, though, is that it’s a mere 400 metres from the beach.

beachIt’s been a surprise, and delight, for us to find that it’s rare to find more than a few people at the beach, and quite often it’s possible to be completely alone.

This might not be the most exciting part of the world, but it has to be on the ‘most peaceful’ list.


3 thoughts on “Moving on: two years later

  1. What a wonderful surprise to see you posting again. Your new home looks charming and the location is to dream for. Good for you. I hope this is the beginning fo more wonderful things coming your way!

  2. Thank you Eva. There have been more than a few ups and downs during the past 2 years. I’ve found your email address, so will write in the near future.

  3. Looking forward to hearing more from you! I have few email addresses for different reasons. I seem to get your posts at both.Fine with me as long as I get to read about your interesting adventure in a far away place from Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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