Creative spirit on vacation

I’m afraid my blog is not living up to its tagline. I’m not doing much to free my creative spirit these days. I’m too preoccupied with trying to make a living. How can I call myself an ‘artist’ when I rarely create any art? I don’t even know what art I want to create. There are just too many things to do, and I have too many interests, and I’m too disorganised … that’s a lot of ‘toos’.

I have a suspicion this is all avoidance tactics stemming from a fear of testing myself, and wanting the things I put out there to be perfect. I’m constantly warning others about the pitfalls of so-called perfection, but I don’t apply it to myself.

I’ll try to do better.

So how can I make this blog more meaningful, without spending too much time on it?

Why, post imperfect artworks of course. Let’s not even think of them as ‘artworks’ but  as exercises in freeing my creative spirit.

Here we are then—one of my analog drawings, which take almost no time to produce, but often tell me a lot. This one was drawn on one of my more orderly, self-contained days it would seem. I try not to ‘think’ while doing the drawings.



More about Aussie possums

It’s a long time since I’ve added a blog post. My small but ardent 🙂 fan club has no doubt given up hope of ever hearing from me again. The past two years have been particularly challenging, and blog-writing fell by the wayside.

But now I’m back, with renewed energy.

What better way to restart than with the latest tales of Vera, our Verandah Possum.

Vera is now at least 4 years old, and has had several babies since Skydiver, one of which is with her now on a shelf in one of my art supplies cupboard, though not with my blessing! Yesterday I inadvertently left the door ajar in the evening, and this morning they had taken up residence in a small basket on the top shelf … first tossing out items they didn’t want! Vera hissed at me when I scolded her, but I shouted at her, telling her it was my cupboard, not hers. She shut up … and went back to sleep.

Until a few days ago, she was happy with her home on top of the cupboard, which she has occupied on and off since the days of Skydiver 1 (see earlier post). Current baby is aptly called Champion Skydiver, because he seems to love falling off the cupboard. After noticing that he was falling off 3-4 times a day, we came to suspect he does it on purpose. We’ve put cushions below, you see, so he has the thrill without any pain. Each time he falls, Vera gives him a tongue-lashing, but scrambles down to rescue him. He climbs on her back and then has a thrilling ride as she descends to the verandah, climbs up a post, then swings along a beam back to the top of the cupboard. Champion has to keep ducking to avoid hitting his head on the crossbeams.

Vera considering her options

Vera considering her options

The long journey back to the cupboard

The long journey back to the cupboard

Thinking we might make her life easier, when she went out at night my husband decided to attach some netting to the side of the cupboard so she could climb up instead of having to make the arduous journey along the beams. In so doing, he noticed that the top of the cupboard was in danger of caving in, so he attached a layer of thick cardboard.

Big mistake! She has avoided the top of the cupboard ever since. Doubtless she has ranted to her friends about ‘meddling humans’.

If she thinks she’s going to live inside the cupboard she can think again!

NOTE:  Apologies for imperfect exposures. Light was dim, and I didn’t want to upset Vera with a flash, as she was already stressed.