Spring Downunder

If I pretend Summer isn’t just around the corner, I love this time of year. Summer in Brisbane is sweltering, but the rest of the year (April to October) is delightful.

Sitting on the verandah, I am daily enchanted by the coming of Spring. The changes are not as dramatic as in the northern hemisphere (eg most trees don’t lose their leaves for the winter), so you need to watch more carefully. The garden is currently overflowing with birdsound and bee-buzzing and flittering butterflies, and the white wisteria explodes with fresh new leaves, pendulous flower bunches and explorative tentacles. That’s too many adjectives, I know, but surrounded as I am with such abundance I just couldn’t help myself.


More photos …



This morning we were visited by a glorious grey heron. I watched entranced as she moved in slow motion, with utmost grace and control as she stalked fat worms in the undergrowth. (I say ‘she’ but, to be truthful, I don’t know if the heron was male or female). We rarely see these birds in our area. Nor kookaburras … but there were a couple of those laughing in the trees this morning too.

How is a person expected to work amongst such exquisite distractions!




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