More possum news

I’ve been too busy to write much lately. I knew this would happen.

Thought you’d like to see some new Skydiver pics. There was a lot of noise on top of the cupboard today … Junior is growing and getting friskier. I decided to try to get closer to them and thought some chopped apple should do the trick. Vera is obviously not accustomed to humans getting too close to her, or maybe she’s still not sure if we were responsible for her baby falling from the cupboard. Proceeding with caution, I pushed an apple piece towards her. She growled at me, but reached forward to take the apple, watching me all the while.

Skydiver was very interested in the apple, but Vera wouldn’t give him any. I put each piece of apple a little further away from her so she had to come towards me, still growling. Skydiver doesn’t appear to be frightened at all … he came forward almost to the edge of the cupboard.

Both seem quite happy to have their photos taken. I used the flash once, but Vera growled again, so I had to settle for blurry shots.



2 thoughts on “More possum news

  1. Yes, they’re quite adorable. Vera and her succession of offspring have become part of our ‘extended’ family. Purists say we shouldn’t feed them, but I figure urban possums are already domesticated … they live off the stuff in people’s gardens. We find if we give them our scraps – apple cores, ends of carrots, banana, mango and pawpaw skins – they tend to leave the stuff in our garden alone. Except parsley … they LOVE parsley and we have to put a net over our plants if we want them to survive.

    We don’t, however, give them so much food that they don’t need to go foraging.

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