About artist books

Although ‘artist books’ have been around for a long time, they have only recently become a ‘movement’. A Google search on ‘artist books’ produces 157,000,000 entries. Not all will be relevant, but still, that’s pretty impressive. Wikipedia states “An artist’s book is an art object in the form of a book.” Elsewhere you might find the definition, “a book made by an artist”. I don’t like that literal definition. So when I use the term, I mean that the book itself is the art form. A visual artist in other media might make a book, but it won’t necessarily be a work of art.

Do I think my books are works of art? Some are, I suppose, but some are just nice enough handmade books. Special. Individual maybe. Occasionally unique. But I’m a little embarrassed even to call myself an artist, so I’d rather let others decide whether my books are works of art.




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