Art of the familiar

The best subjects to inspire creativity are often close to home

Overnight, it seems, the Golden Rain tree’s leaves have turned golden and our ‘lawn’ has more leaves than grass. The wisteria vine, too, is yellowing, but not so quickly.

Soon there will be more sun on the verandah, but at this moment it’s quite cold – relatively speaking. I rather like it. My feet are warm inside fleece-lined slippers, and the fine cotton pullover – bought recently at a recycled clothing shop – is just adequate to keep out the early winter chill.

I love winter, and I love this verandah. It is a constant source of inspiration for art and writing. I think I could spend the rest of my life with no more source material than that provided by this verandah and the small garden beyond.

I think I’m becoming a hermit.

Sometimes hermits become saints. Think of that … St Carmel of the Verandah. People could offer me tributes. Spread the word, would you, that I’d prefer money, single malt whisky, fine wine and chocolates, and extended holidays at one of Francis Ford Coppola’s resorts .


Words and images from the verandah

Check out my photo albums during the coming days to see photographs taken within 100 paces of the verandah.


One thought on “Art of the familiar

  1. This is so more than a blog – it should be called a Weblit – blog is such dead word! This writing is light and full of life. Well done! Look forward to receiving more of the same on a regular basis!

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